10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

The most expensive dog breeds to insure in the United Kingdom have been revealed, with English Bulldogs topping the list.

According to new insurance study, these flat-faced dogs will cost owners an average of £66.50 per month (£798 annually) to insure.

Unfortunately, because to brachycephalic condition, this breed suffers long-term breathing issues as well as trouble cooling down in hot temperatures.

The French Bulldogs came in second, costing £54.73 a month (£656.76 per year). German Shepherds came in third, costing owners £38.15 a month (£457.80) due to health conditions such as Hip Dysplasia.

Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and English Springer Spaniels also made the top ten list. Despite being popular breeds, these dogs have serious health risks that can make them expensive to insure.

"Dogs are owned by 10 million households in the United Kingdom; they make loyal companions, reduce loneliness, and can generally improve our quality of life."

"It is critical to consider the additional expenditures associated with owning a dog. While you may have a specific breed in mind, the cost of insurance can vary depending on factors such as inherited problems.

To ensure that it won't cost you too much, consider the cost of insurance as well as the cost of the pet itself."

10 most expensive dog breeds

1. English Bulldog (£66.50 cost to insure per month) 2. French Bulldog (£54.73) 3. German Shepherd (£38.15) 4. Labrador Retriever (£31.24) 5. Golden Retriever (£24.30)

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6. Miniature Schnauzer (£24.16) 7. English Springer Spaniel (£23.20) 8. Cocker Spaniel (£22.72) 9. Crossbreed (£22.67) 10. Border Terrier (£17.84)

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