11 Things Boomers Just Do Better, Sorry Millennials

Cursive Writing

Writing in cursive used to be taught in every school. Because of this, many people from older eras are proud of their beautiful, elegant handwriting. 

Navigating Without GPS

Before computers and GPS, people had to use maps and their sense of direction to get around. 

Maintaining Privacy

Previous generations learned to value their privacy because they didn't have social media when they were growing up. 

Saving Money

It's safe to say that Boomers have done a better job of saving money in general. When they were growing up, saving money was the norm.

Writing Checks

Even though digital payments have become the rule, some older people still find it easier to pay for things with checks. 

Mending and Repairing Clothes

Older people often know how to fix and make clothes, like how to sew on buttons and patch up holes. With this useful knowledge, they can make their clothes last longer and waste less.

They Have More Patience

Many people learned how to be patient when they were growing up before the internet and quick gratification. 

Face-to-Face Communication

People who didn't grow up with email and instant messaging often feel much more comfortable talking face-to-face.

Respecting Tradition

People from older groups usually value tradition a lot and are more likely to keep doing things the way they've always been done. 

Long-term Commitment

Whether it’s in the context of a job or a relationship, Boomers are more likely to stick around for the long haul.


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