10 Most Common British Garden Birds

1. Robin

Robins are popular British garden fence dwellers. Robins are present year-round, but notably in winter. Christmas cards include them. To feed robins, keep bird feeders full.

2. Great tit

The great tit, the biggest UK tit, is one of the most attractive garden birds. Its lovely two-syllable melody is a giveaway if you're looking for one in your garden.

3. Blue tit

The blue tit is one among the UK's most colorful garden visitors. In winter, sweet birds will struggle to obtain food, so stock bird feeders with fatty foods. It's too gorgeous to not photograph.

4. Coal tit

Though darker than other tits, the coal tit is gorgeous. They forage alongside other tits in winter. Black skull and white neck patch.

5. Long-tailed tit

The long-tailed tit, with its pinkish body and long tail, prefers to stay in a flock of 20.

6. Wood pigeon

Pigeons are ubiquitous in gardens, even though we all want British birds to wake us up with their songs. Wood pigeons, with their grey and white chests, are common in the UK.

7. Collared Dove

The collared dove, a smaller pigeon, has a black neck band. They have reddish eyes and feet. They coo.

8. Blackbird

Blackbirds sing mellowly. Females are brown, males black. These fearless birds will devour anything in your garden. They're easily spotted with their robust, long-tailed tails and bright eye rings.

9. House sparrow

British parks and gardens are full with these loud, tiny birds. Their streaky brown bodies make them easy to see. They're nice and always in the garden.

10. Starling

Fast and confident, these birds fly and walk. Due of their enormous numbers, starlings fly in murmurations. Their flocks protect birds from predators. Winter flying in groups keeps them warm.

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