7 Best Plants To Make Your Home Look Festive


One of the most romantic and magical Christmas plants is mistletoe. Whether you favor or dislike "kissing under the mistletoe," the plant looks attractive when hung up in your home.


If you prefer red berries to white, try holly. These plants, another holiday favorite connected with “The Holly and the Ivy,” are beautiful and brightly colored.


Poinsettia is another red plant. The Christmas season's colors—red and green—make them popular for holiday decor, even for plants.


Amaryllis are very distinctive in appearance, characterized by one or two long stems that grow from a large bulb and flower into a small cluster of trumpet-shaped blooms.

Christmas Cactus

For something a little different, consider a Christmas Cactus. Unlike other classic cacti, the Christmas Cactus is from tropical climates and enjoys greater humidity and moisture.


Rosemary is a popular holiday herb in cooking and smells. A rosemary plant in your home provides fresh herbs for cooking and a natural scent.


Cyclamen makes a lovely winter centerpiece. These plants blossom white, pink, or red over the holidays, matching your festive decor.

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