7 refreshing ways to add coconut water into your daily diet

1. Sip it plain

The easiest and best way to enjoy coconut water is to drink it right out of the coconut. Look at the grocery store or farmers market near you for fresh, green coconuts. 

2. Blend it into smoothies

Use coconut water as the base for your favorite drink to make it healthier. Coconut water can be used in place of water or dairy-based products to give your drink a tropical twist.

3. Mix it with fresh juices

Add coconut water to your fresh juices to make them taste better in the morning. Adding coconut water to orange, pineapple, watermelon, or any other fruit juice makes it taste better and keeps you hydrated.

4. Cook rice or quinoa with coconut water

Change the liquid you use to cook rice or quinoa, which is usually water, with coconut water for a tasty change.

5. Freeze it into ice cubes

You can put these coconut water ice cubes in plain water, fruit drinks, or smoothies to make them taste better and keep them cold.

6. Make coconut water popsicles

Making coconut water popsicles is a healthy and tasty way to treat yourself. 

7. Use it in marinades and dressings

Coconut water is a great addition to marinades and salad sauces, giving them a unique tropical flavor.

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