8 Chocolate Brands to Avoid

Hershey’s: Criticized for slow progress towards 100% ethically sourced cocoa and concerns over child labor in its supply chain.

Nestlé: Has faced longstanding scrutiny over ethical sourcing and the use of child labor in cocoa farms, despite commitments to improve.

Mars (including brands like M&M's, Snickers, etc.): Similar to Hershey’s and Nestlé, Mars has been criticized for its cocoa sourcing practices and its efforts to eliminate child labor.

Cadbury (owned by Mondelez International): Concerns have been raised about its cocoa sourcing and environmental impact, although it has made commitments to sustainability.

Godiva: Luxury chocolate that has faced questions over the sustainability of its cocoa and the overall environmental footprint.

Lindt: While known for quality, Lindt has also faced scrutiny over the transparency and sustainability of its cocoa supply chain.

Toblerone (owned by Mondelez International): Similar issues with cocoa sourcing and environmental sustainability have been noted, reflecting broader industry challenges.

Ferrero Rocher: Known for its hazelnut chocolates, Ferrero has been criticized for its environmental impact and sourcing practices

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