8 Hairstyles to Make a Woman Over 60 Look Younger

Short and Messy 

If you’re looking for low-maintenance hair, this is about perfect. It looks great when air-dried but gives you the option of tousling or adding more curls. 

Angled Bob 

A modern angled bob with soft layers makes hair appear longer and thicker. The sophisticated look works well in various settings and activities.

Classic Pixie 

Pixie haircuts are classic because they highlight your best features. It's more versatile than it looks because it can be straightened, curled, tousled, or slicked back.

Tousled Shag 

Keeping your choice consistent lets you experiment with this hairstyle. Ideal for all hair types, especially heart and oval-faced women.

Sleek Ponytail 

Choose a sleek ponytail to make your hair look voluminous or to simply keep the hair out of your face. It’s easy to maintain since it doesn’t need a lot of styling. 

Mature Bowl Cut 

This cut is less “Three Stooges” and more “Tres Chic.” The 1980s-inspired look is suitable for women of all ages but is especially flattering on a mature face. 

Voluminous Lob 

The advantages of the lob are making your hair look thicker and being suitable for all hair types and face shapes. 

Chic Updo  

The classic chignon style is a low bun situated at the nape of the neck, but there are variations, including this knot that’s closer to the top of the head. 

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