8 Urban Myths That Are Ridiculously Untrue

Humans Only Use 10% of Their Brains

This popular myth suggests that humans have untapped potential in their brains

Goldfish Have a Three-Second Memory

Contrary to this belief, goldfish have been shown to have memory spans that last for several months. They can learn and remember simple tasks and routines.

Chameleons Change Color to Camouflage

While chameleons can change color, it's primarily for communication and displaying emotions, not for camouflage. They use it to signal their mood, social status, and intentions.

Napoleon Bonaparte Was Extremely Short

Napoleon was actually of average height for his time, around 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters). The belief that he was extremely short is a misconception.

Daddy Longlegs are Extremely Venomous

While daddy longlegs have venom, it's not potent enough to harm humans. They are not considered dangerous or venomous to people.

Hair and Nails Continue to Grow After Death

After death, the skin dries and shrinks, which can create the appearance of hair and nails growing. However, there is no actual growth occurring.

Bats are Blind

Bats are not blind. They can see, but they primarily rely on echolocation to navigate and locate prey in the dark.

The Great Wall of China is Visible from Space

Despite being a popular belief, the Great Wall of China is not visible to the naked eye from space. It's often difficult to spot without aid.

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