California's New 4 'Toxic' Food Chemical Ban Will Impact You

1. Potassium Bromate

Potassium Bromate, a frequent component in packaged pastries and baked products, may cause cancer.

As expected, Europe, Canada, and Brazil prohibit this chemical. Gomez, Hy Vee, and Balducci breads still contain potassium bromate.

2. Propylparaben

Another European baned ingredient allowed in U.S. goods is propylparaben. Possible reproductive harm makes it a "higher concern" for the EWG.

Many baked items from Sara Lee, Archer Farms, and WeightWatchers include propylparaben.

3. Brominated Vegetable Oil

Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) is included in several drinks, but 40 years of animal research have discovered serious adverse effects including thyroid and neurological disorders.

Also prohibited in Europe is BVO. BVO was formerly ubiquitous in sodas, but several have removed it in recent years. Some citrus-flavored drinks like Crush Pineapple and Sun Drop contain BVO.

4. Red Dye No.3

Even though studies have linked Red Dye No.3 to neurological abnormalities in children and cancer in animals, the FDA prohibited its use in cosmetics in 1990 but did not require food firms to cease using it.

Red Dye No.3 was prohibited in 1994 by the EU, save for cocktail cherries. Red Dye No. 3 colors Brach's Candy Corn, Jelly Belly candies, Peeps, and select Betty Crocker goods.

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