What Exactly is a Southwest ‘Wanna Get Away’ Fare

Southwest Airlines offers Wanna Get Away, Anytime, and Business Select fares. We'll discuss their new Wanna Get Away Plus cuisine in another post.

Southwest lacks business class, extra legroom, and basic economy. However, pricing discrepancies aren't as big as other carriers.

Wanna Get Away rates are non-refundable. All fare buckets except business select and full-price “Y” refundable tickets are included.

Southwest's "Y" fare is refundable anytime. Change your ticket at any time without penalty with this fare. Standby travel between city 

pairs on the original date is allowed. Changes rarely affect anytime fares because they are consistent across dates.

Business Select — Southwest's premium ticket offers priority boarding, extra Rapid Rewards Points per dollar, and a free beverage or beer.

Refunding these tickets applies monies to Southwest Airlines travel for the original ticketed passenger only. No tariff change is allowed for standby travel

1. Want to Leave Refunds for future travel are possible. Fares are returned anytime as cash.

3. Wanna Get Away fares do not include auto-check-in. Available for a fee. Anytime tickets include EarlyBird check-in. 

Wanna Get Away fares allow same-day confirmed changes. Fare differences may apply. Anytime fares allow same-day verified changes without costs.

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